Sarah Glasson


Space Clearing

& Earth Healing

A Combination of Techniques that can be applied anywhere in the world

Energy fields exist at all levels around us - they are present in our bodies, our possessions, our buildings, our surroundings, and in the earth itself.  Earth energy streams and fields are ancient, and used to be well understood when mankind was more attuned to our environment than we are now, in our modern world.  The interplay between these energies is affected by numerous factors, including disturbances to the earth, and events past and present.  Imbalances in energy fields can interfere with the harmonious flow of human living.


Restoration of positive energy fields and flows leads to new opportunities in whatever aspect of life has been negatively affected, such as health and wellbeing, personal relationships, career, and business success, to name a few.  Space clearing and earth healing is the ideal remedy for energy imbalances and problems.  I am an experienced earth healing practitioner, and can provide distant (off-site) consultations.


I will converse with you by phone or email for the initial scoping of the problem.  I would then need your location, floor plan and some photos of your property in order to analyse the situation and conduct appropriate energy healing techniques.  A healing chart is an important part of the distant healing process, as it helps to hold the fresh

beneficial energies and replace the old negativity that keeps attracting more of the same.

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