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Sarah understands the intrinsic connection between nature, spirit and human consciousness and how to ground oneself into a space of harmony and contentment. She considers all elements forming a stagnant situation and arrives at a beneficial solution. Sarah combines earth healing, metaphysical healing, numerology, astrology and Feng Shui, she helps clients from a multilayered perspective.  


Sarah works with her clients to help them to understand the energies in which they live and to discover and treat the underlying causes of disharmony and dysfunction. Ancient wisdom is contained within us all. When we find the key to unlock access to this wisdom, we receive life-changing knowledge of ourselves and of universal laws.


Sarah has a B.A. (A.N.U.) and a Dip. Ed.(Sydney T.C). After moving to the Sunshine Coast in 1994, she completed the practitioner training program in Feng Shui through the Feng Shui College of Melbourne in 1999, and an Earth Healing course through the Earth Healing School of Queensland in 2003.


Sarah established her Feng Shui for Harmony business in May 1999, and she has consulted on the Sunshine and Cooloola Coasts, in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle and Melbourne.



What clients are saying...

Feng Shui for Harmony

Earth Healing is an Integral Part of my Feng Shui Service

"Sarah was a fascinating and insightful Feng Shui consultant, who gave me a wonderful report full of answers for harmony and healing. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and she is a lovely person as well. I feel the energy in our home is now harmonious and I thoroughly recommend Sarah to do healing and Feng Shui in your home."  Kristine. Sunshine Coast Qld