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Feng Shui for Harmony

"Sarah was a fascinating and insightful Feng Shui consultant, who gave me a wonderful report full of answers for harmony and healing. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and she is a lovely person as well. I feel the energy in our home is now harmonious and I thoroughly recommend Sarah to do healing and Feng Shui in your home."  Kristine. Tanawha, Qld

Feng Shui can give you a lift in all areas of your life.


Your home is your sanctuary, it is your innate right to feel the harmony and peace you desire.

All that is required is a fresh new energy flowing through.


In recent years the rapid increase in negative environmental factors has unsettled the earth's chi (life force). When the chi has been smothered or the energy flows fractured - a negative energy field (referred to as geopathic stress) is created that makes life difficult in many ways and is a factor in the problems so many people face today.


Earth healing restores the natural chi flows and releases people from feeling trapped in their circumstances.


Feng Shui, Earth Healing and Geomancy (divining the earth) form a means of tapping into the energy flows within and on the earth, of understanding the energies in nature and how we interact with them.  


The environment we live in is a reflection of the choices we've made and our thought patterns.  Through Feng Shui we can gain insights into the causes of our life situation, and by making changes to our physical environment, we create openings for change within ourselves.

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